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Top 2016 Wedding Trends

It’s that time of year again! Of course we mean that the holidays are here, but we also mean it’s engagement season. Anyone with a Facebook feed knows that the time between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s day is full of posts from happy, newly engaged couples. For those of us who are lucky enough to be able to share in this joy as part of our work, we think of engagement season as the time to look forward to the coming year, when weddings will abound during the warmer months.

What does all this mean for you? It means we’ve used our insider knowledge to forecast the top wedding trends for 2016. Remember when we predicted that bright botanicals would be all the rage and then you started seeing them everywhere? Trust us, babies, we don’t take these predictions lightly! Think of this as Fashion Week for the bridal set: what you see here now will be what you see in real weddings sooner than you think. If you’re feeling especially daring, maybe you will even go for some of these options for your own wedding!

With so many exciting new choices popping up in our world, we can’t limit ourselves to just one post. The second installment of our trendspotting series will be making its way to you in December. Meanwhile, enjoy these first four winners and, as always, happy planning!

Top 2016 wedding cake | Drip icing

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These cakes are literally dripping in ooey-gooey goodness. Icing dripping down the edge of a simple cake makes a statement that this dessert is meant to be enjoyed in all its sweet and sticky glory. We love our ornate cakes too, but this simple look is so fun and inviting, and we anticipate seeing a lot more of it in 2016. For an extra trendy style, layer this over 2015’s top cake–naked or seminaked–to change up the look. Guests will be watering at the mouth to try this one!

Top 2016 bridal accessory | Crown

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We know it’s bold, but hear us out. Crowns have been all over the 2016 bridal fashion runways. Flower crowns were all the rage in 2014 and 2015, and of course we expect that they will stay popular in the coming year. A real crown, though, makes such a statement. It’s regal, it’s commanding, it might even be a little intimidating. There are so many ways to wear this look, whether it’s shimmering with crystals, under a veil, or completely over-the-top. Crowns can be goth, Deco, feminine and everything in between. If you’re not so sure about pulling this off on your wedding day, try the look for your engagement shoot instead.

Top 2016 catering fare | Fresh, earthy eats

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If there’s one thing we are so glad to see coming into style, it’s fresh, sustainable food. The benefits are endless! Many of these dishes are already vegetarian and can be easily adapted to specialized diets such as vegan or allergy-friendly. The quality of farm-to-table food can’t be beat and the environmental impact is well worth the investment. As more caterers begin to focus on local fare for events, some are even opening their own gardens to give you the freshest and most colorful seasonal eats available–we love seeing floral garnishes direct from the urban farm. Plus, why not give your guests a little healthy food to balance out all that indulging at the sweets table and the bar?

Top 2016 tabletop look | Black matte stoneware

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You thought it would be gold flatware? Think again. Black, matte plates are going to be all the rage in 2016. Obviously these can be part of a moody tablescape or one for the colder months, but with a little creativity (hey, that’s why you hired us to plan your wedding!) they can also be incorporated into a chic design to fit any style. Mixing them with our mismatched china is a unique stylistic choice that can pack a punch, especially when we help you pair the plates with fabulous glassware, flatware, florals and paper goods to complete your look!

That wraps it up for our first installment of the top 2016 wedding trends. Check back in December for more winners and, of course, don’t forget to contact us about your date!

Bright Botanical Wedding Inspiration

Finally, it feels like summer! After an “I don’t want to talk about it” kind of winter, nothing is more refreshing than the bright botanical trend that has been popping up everywhere this season.

Modern Neon and Geometric Botanical Wedding Inspiration

This isn’t pastel flowers and soft frills. It’s bright pigments, pops of neon, modern styling and geometric lines. Botanic illustrations of yore have been reinterpreted in such a glam, flirty way that they have become something entirely contemporary and just a bit edgy. Of course, this look is rather bold and most of you might not want to go all-out if you choose to incorporate it in your wedding or party. Here are some pared down ways to make it your own!

Pick one pop of bright color and incorporate it into an otherwise simple palette. You don’t have to overdesign to make something beautiful.

Go bold with only a few elements of your event design. Rather than doing bright and bold everywhere, choose certain areas where you have room to play around, such as your floral design or the paper suite.

Use floral and geometric patterns in a more neutral tone.

Feeling indecisive? Invest in a can of spray paint and experiment with creating colorful objects yourself. If you don’t like them, all you have to do is add a coat of a color you prefer!

Play it safe with more expensive elements that are difficult to change, such as your linens. Go wild with inexpensive items that allow room for error and adjustment, like balloons and paper decor.

Image credits: 100 Layer Cake, My Inspired Wedding, Louise Jones, Coco Cake Land and Poppytalk for Target

Western Rustic Wedding Inspiration

Life here at Chicago Vintage Weddings isn’t all business. Even in the midst of a busy wedding season—especially so, in fact—it’s important to take a break. Following several large events in May, I took a quick hop over to Montana to visit my brother. There couldn’t have been a bigger difference between life in Chicago versus out in the mountains! We hiked, rode horses, camped and soaked up the outdoors. After a week of being away, it’s refreshing and exciting to return to the office and the city.

Now I’m brimming with rustic, western-inspired event ideas. Think craft beer and whiskey, twig and antler decor, well-edited simplicity, and a whole lot of hearty food. One thing that struck me most about Montana aside from the gorgeous scenery was the people; the genuine warmth from the people I met is something to treasure. No western event would be complete without a big celebration and a whole lot of love.

This blog doesn’t usually get too personal, but this experience was so fantastic that I’d like to share it with all of you. Chicago Vintage Weddings feels like a family—let’s enjoy this family vacation and get inspired together! Who knows, maybe these photos will even wind up on your Pinterest board as you plan your own rustic wedding. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed taking them for you!



PS – Here’s your daily dose of cute: this adorable foal who kept showing off!